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Corporate and promotional presents

The art of giving presents throughout the year

Nostalgic homeliness or a modern technology present? Lines, colours, materials? Creative text, design and wrap as a cherry on top!

Our team of experts will guide you through a variety of dilemmas and opaque pile of catalogues, save time and offer affordable solutions. Innovative ideas, purchase, print, storage and distribution are types of art we master.

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For the purpose of good collaboration, emerging business friendships, for low or high budgets - make new business partners with the help of the irreproachable reputation of Agaric marketing.

Corporate presents can be a symbol of prestige, refined taste, innovativeness or traditionalism - and always with a personal touch. Be selective!

For every occasion

Promotional presents are of interest all year round and for every occasion. They are not connected with high expenses, but with a considerable promotional effect when it comes to increasing the value of your trademark and your company.

Take a peek in our booth and win over crowds of your potential clients. We master the art of giving presents!

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Corporate presents