Leading supplier of business and promotional gifts

A perfect selection of business gifts

At Agaric, we have been active in promotional and business gifts for over two decades. During this time, we have proven to many local and foreign companies, time and time again, our mastery of the art and etiquette of gift giving.

We will accompany you from the design of an interesting, different and unique idea all the way to the fine-tuning of your details and will, of course, take care of storage and distribution.

We would like to point out that the most popular promotional items still include clothing, pens, calendars, various cups, USB sticks, various pendants, and more.

Especially in recent years, we noticed a growing interest in culinary delicacies, or baskets of Slovenian delicacies, which hold a special place in our selection. Our reputation precedes us, and our exquisite selection of personally packaged and decorated culinary baskets has already become popular among companies in Slovenia—and increasingly also abroad—who want to gift something authentically Slovenian. Culinary delicacies are a very novel, and above all practical, business gift.

And the customer can compose a basket entirely according to their own taste—literally!