The art of giving gifts, all year round

Should you go for nostalgia and tradition, or modernity and technological perfection? Or perhaps a revolutionary blend of both? Whatever your choice, rest assured that the recipients of your gift will be surprised and delighted. Don't worry about lines, colors and materials. We will also take care of the innovative accompanying text, the design, the decorative wrapping—we will even provide storage and distribution. Entrust our team of experts with your wishes and expectations, and leave the rest to them. We are here to save you time and money. You can find our current catalogs on, and are cordially invited to a personal meeting, where we can discuss about your wishes.

Business gifts

For new and existing business partners, for established and emerging cooperation, for small and large budgets—for today, for tomorrow, and for many years of successful and fruitful cooperation. Business gifts signed by Agaric d.o.o. are a guarantee that in the books of your business partners, your name will be written in golden letters.

Business gifts symbolize a refined taste, sophistication and prestige, innovative or traditional views—always with a personal touch.

Choose your business gifts with care, and never settle for less!

Business gifts – chocolate surprises, sweet kisses and holiday sweets

A delicious box of assorted chocolates and popular sweets, which we call “chocolate surprises”, is always a wonderful business gift. They contain a wide variety of sweets, from sweet honey bees, choco sticks, crunchy hearts, chocolates with fleur de sel, chocolate bars with special tastes and bloodstream-enhancing chocolates to the exquisite hand-made Tastes of Slovenia chocolate. When it comes to choosing a business gift, you’re really spoilt for choice.

Of course we’re far from being done with our sweet selection, and if you haven’t found a suitable business gift among our chocolate surprises, perhaps you might like our selection of sweet kisses.

Our unique business gifts with various tastes are always a hit. A very popular choice with our customers are truffles with champagne, cognac, whiskey and gin. Or you could filled chocolates with tea, herbs and Mediterranean notes, which provide an unforgettable experience with innovative, daring tastes and aromas. 

Gifts that smell sweet like holidays are always a wonderful choice. Do you remember the smell of holidays in your childhood home? The delicious smell of Christmas cookies and other seasonal foods conjured up a very special atmosphere which you’ll likely never forget. If you would like to remind your new or existing business partners of these wonderful times and instantly evoke a festive atmosphere, check out our selection of business gifts named Holiday Sweets. 

Perfect business gifts for longtime partners

Carefully selected business gifts in the form of a vitamin-packed health booster are always the right choice, especially for older business partners with whom you have been working together for a number of years. 

Our Golden Palette, for example, contains top-quality Slovenian honey, packed in a neat cardboard box. Don't miss our wide selection of home-made jams, golden honey and many other products that will brighten the mornings of your giftees. 

Gift sophisticated and ripe flavors in elegant bottles with raspberry, sage, cherry, blackberry, pine, apple or plum liqueur in combination with dried fruit. For even more variety, check out our selection of spirits bottled with a whole fruit inside, Teran liqueur, Edina organic sparkling mead, and luxurious pralines.



Business gifts with Slovenian roots

But that’s not all there is to our selection of business gifts yet! What say you to a basket of Slovenian delicacies? You can choose from a variety of baskets such as Aroma of Olives, Harmony of Tastes, Healthy Snack, Divine Appetizer, Exquisite dinner, Tastes of Slovenia, or Fantasy of Tastes. If you’d like to surprise even more and wish to choose an original business gift, Or you could opt for filled chocolates with tea for a basket such as I Feel Slovenia, Royal Lunch, or Slovenian Gourmet. We can adapt the contents of any basket to your wishes.

Comfy, pampering business gifts for use at home or in the office

Business gifts can also be warm, comfy and relaxing. 

Consider gifting a towel packaged in a linen bag, a fragrant salt bath complete with sponge, a Davos blanket, a Junca gift set, a Lavender bath set, or a Beauty Lemongrass gift set. You might also consider slippers with printed or embroidered designs, enameled personalized cups, anti-stress balls, and more. To maintain order in the office and keep your peace of mind, check out numerous other business gift ideas for every occasion.

Business gifts with style

Choose an environmentally friendly business gift with style. Colorful gift bags made from diverse materials, in numerous dimensions and for various opportunities are already waiting for you; for an even more personal touch, you can personalize them with printing or embroidery.

 Premium business gifts, especially innovative and original gifts, are the ideal approach to raise brand awareness, improve your business performance, and strengthen company loyalty.


Limitless gift possibilities

Take a peek into our showroom and see how you can win over a lot of potential customers.

We offer comprehensive solutions for business gifts!

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