In the spotlight

Step into the spotlight and see a whole new world of parties, business occasions, and promotional events. Experience the event trends of tomorrow and seize the opportunity to shine in front of a select audience.

With us, event planning has never been easier. We combine many years of experience and innovative ideas, listen to your wishes, and offer just the right amount of consulting. Research, ingenuity and perfection are the hallmarks of our brand. Many years of experience in various areas of organization and marketing provide us with the knowledge and means to organize a wide variety of events and occasions.

Many years of experience

Amongst others, our portfolio encompasses cultural events, educational events, corporate events to raise the recognition and reputation of our client, promotions, and home parties.

The list of our distinguished customers also includes large shopping centers, as our long experience with sales and commercial organization processes enables us to improve and integrate them with comprehensive marketing activities and solutions.

All that's needed to bring a creative concept to a flawless execution

Organization of events, sweepstakes and concerts

We take care of top-notch photo and video production

Media strategies, including media buying

PR consulting

Marketing and business strategies