The art of giving gifts, all year round.

Should you go for nostalgia and tradition, or modernity and technological perfection? Or perhaps a revolutionary blend of both? Whatever your choice, rest assured that the recipients of your gift will be surprised and delighted. Don't worry about lines, colors and materials. We will also take care of the innovative accompanying text, the design, the decorative wrapping—we will even provide storage and distribution. Entrust our team of experts with your wishes and expectations, and leave the rest to them. We are here to save you time and money. You can find our current catalogs on, and are cordially invited to a personal meeting, where we can discuss about your wishes.

Business gifts

For new and existing business partners, for established and emerging cooperation, for small and large budgets—for today, for tomorrow, and for many years of successful and fruitful cooperation. Business gifts signed by Agaric d.o.o. are a guarantee that in the books of your business partners, your name will be written in golden letters.

Business gifts symbolize a refined taste, sophistication and prestige, innovative or traditional views—always with a personal touch.

Choose your business gifts with care, and never settle for less!

Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are on topic all year round, and for each and every occasion. Do you wish to raise the reputation, visibility, and value of your brand and business? If so, carefully selected business gifts are a perfect choice, as they significantly increase the promotional impact and represent a negligible cost. Take a peek into our showroom and check out the many options at your disposal to win over a lot of potential customers.

We have mastered the art of giving gifts!


Limitless gift possibilities

Take a peek into our showroom and see how you can win over a lot of potential customers.

We offer comprehensive solutions for business gifts!

Gifts from idea to execution

Packaging design and printing

Personalized gifts

Storage and distribution